Sunday, November 8, 2009

Friends - One of God's Blessings

I have been sitting here trying to put into words the joy I feel right now. Moving and then the whole breast cancer ordeal made it difficult to make friends or to keep in contact with old friends. I am also skittish – my family and I were burned so badly by a “friend” that keeping to myself seemed to make sense. I felt the lack of friends fiercely though.

God has His own timing and He led me through that lonely time. One by one old friends have been restored to me and I am so grateful. I have also been able to reach out and take the hand of a new friend.

AlaskaWoman was the first. We found each other on line and have kept up a daily sharing of our lives. We began the habit of listing each day what we were grateful for and it makes such a difference. Sitting down to look for the good in our lives improved our lives. I love AlaskaWoman for her self – the girl she was in high school and the woman she is now.

Red is my new friend. She is Caramel’s mother. Red has been so generous to me, gently helping me over my shyness and wary attitude. She is inspiring and fun. We share shopping, movies and musicals. Simply put, Red rocks!

This weekend as I sat cuddling with the Pirate and watching TV, there was a knock at the door. In walked one of my best friends ever! I had not seen Photogal in several years due to issues in her life and mine, with a whole country between us. Our hug was healing. We fell into conversation as if only days had passed. We have seen each other through some of the darkest days of our lives. I am thrilled that Photogal is on this side of the US now. It’s like a part of me has been brought back to life.

I hope that I each of these women know what a blessing they are to me. I hope I am a blessing to them also. Words are not enough to explain how I feel about these women.