Thursday, December 3, 2009

Emptying the nest plus Apples to Apples

Our son Curly left today on the train to a nearby city. Only two hours away. There is a curious feeling in my heart. Hope that things work out and he is able to start college for winter quarter. And already I am missing his smile and his wacky humor. Plus he is my DVR remote operator – now I have to do it for myself. WTH? Who will I watch the food channel with? Who will read me news stories from Fark? Mostly I am happy that he is beginning his adult life at last.

Brownie and Airman are settling into his new duty station. There is no on base housing available so they will be looking for a place to live in the small town nearby. When I spoke to Brownie earlier today she was piling on the layers of clothing to keep warm, such a change from Texas! Only eight hours away – maybe I will rack up some frequent flyer miles.

I may be the last person to hear of the Apples to Apples card game. It is my new game passion. Blondie and her boyfriend introduced it to us after their trip to Reno. We played the game with all the kids at Thanksgiving. So much laughter and conversation arose from the cards played. See the link below for more information from Amazon. If you have the chance to buy it and play at Christmas I promise hours of fun!

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