Friday, July 10, 2009

My first post! History in the making!

So, the other day I inherited a Sidekick Slide from Blondie. Up to this point I have used phones for :::wait for it::: making phone calls and telling time. Every text message sent to me required a tortuous 20 minutes to reply as there was no keyboard. I frequently said, “If you want to tell me something, call me!”

Now before you burn me at the stake, I will gladly admit that cell phones have brought good things to the world. Cell phones to me are a huge improvement over the yellow kitchen phone with the thirty foot phone cord I used in my youth. Hmm, as I write this I wonder, should I just say cell? Is cell phone redundant?

Anyway, as soon as I learn to stop putting callers on hold by accident and remember which end is right side up, I shall begin texting in earnest. Blondie, Brownie and Curly have no idea what is in store for them now! Picture me grinning evilly!