Thursday, July 16, 2009

Some Snippets of Life

After my first post I got writers block or rather OMG-what-was-I-thinking. I have not written for public consumption in ages…The last time was a help file for a product that never was released.

No, the help file was *not* the reason for product failure!

I decided today to just write. I will get better as I stretch my writing muscles. And if I don’t, no one has to read it!

We are a military family now. Brownie speaks glowingly of her husband on every phone call. Our son-in-law Recruit will finish Basic in about 2 weeks and move onto his technical school. We are so proud of him! Recruit has taken on a huge challenge and met it with enthusiasm, skill and determination. Brownie had a big surprise when Recruit arranged for a beautiful bouquet to be delivered to her! I have nothing but kudos for Recruit.

Brownie has had her own challenges as well but I am very pleased with how she has coped! Living across the US from us with Recruits parents has been a bit lonely for her but she has rallied and forges ahead with plans for the future with Recruit. She is learning to be a military wife and I know she will do a fabulous job!

The weather here is hot. H O T. Makes me long for a pool. Maybe I will buy a kiddie pool… Hmm….

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