Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Self Improvement - Take 2

My complete lack of pictures and posting may have led some of you to believe the hair-coloring did not go well.

You would be correct in that assumption.
(That is supposing there are any of you out there)

Blondie tried very hard – it was not her fault. I picked out an all-over hair color with highlights. Too tricky for DIY. My skunk line is blurred somewhat but the highlights look just like my gray hair.

If by gray hair I mean white hair. Not blonde hair.

Just gotta laugh. No pictures until I can get it cut and fixed - At least all one color.

And by the by, the temperature here is a flip-flop melting 102 degrees. Summer here is rarely over 80 degrees.


  1. Not into the zebra look? Come on it can be so sexy!!! I love you hope you love your hair soon!