Thursday, July 30, 2009

Twenty Wishes

I am going to let this book Twenty Wishes by Debbie Macomber change my life. The premise of the story is to make a list of 20 well thought out wishes and then act upon them. Seems simple but it is very powerful.

As I approach 50 years old, I see that there are things I may never have the opportunity to do. It has felt like I am on a treadmill that has no off switch. I have a good job that I enjoy with a fair wage and no one else will pay me as well in this economy. But, like so many we struggle to make it from paycheck to paycheck.

So how on earth am I to wish for things that seem impossible?

First off I can put my trust in God, work at it not scaring the daylights out of me, and pray a lot. My relationship with God could use some work.

God is totally not to blame. He is there, I am not. To be where He is has been a desire of mine, so I will make that my first wish. I will have to think on how to phrase it…

I will update as I progress.

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